The Marsh Index

This is a browsable and searchable version of the Marsh Index to the Burials of the Sacramento City Cemetery: Years 1849-2000. It was compiled by Virginia Marsh and a team of volunteers over many years, starting in 1985. The printed copy is more than 850 pages long, but can also be downloaded as a PDF file from the website of the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc.

The whereabouts of the original spreadsheet remains unknown. Many attempts were made to extract the text of the PDF file, but regularly lost the file's columnar formatting. This problem was finally solved by Bryan Krofchok, a Computer Science professor at Sacramento City College, who was able to extract the text and retain the file's all-important spacing. The text was then split into records and fields to create the version presented here.

The document is offered in its original form, without attempting to correct or modify any of the entries (apart from the removal of various stray characters, and other minor formatting issues). Entries can be browsed sequentially, or filtered by keywords.

The Marsh Index is one of the resources being used by the volunteers of the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery Database Project to create a revised and expanded database of burials at the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery. This project is not associated with the City of Sacramento or Old City Cemetery Committee.