Name Age Died Buried Year Plat Lot Tr Gr Codes Notes
ABADULLA, (male) 21 Jan 11 1915 B 135 2 19 India;pulmonary tuberculosis;
res. of Isleton
Field Value
name ABADULLA, (male)
age 21
death_date_month Jan
death_date_day 11
date_year 1915
plat B 135
tier 2
grave 19
notes India;pulmonary tuberculosis;|res. of Isleton
 A  Ashes
 B  Bones
 C  Coffin without liner
 D  Double depth
 H  Headstone
 L  Liner
 N  Not in Plot Book
NPT New Private Tier
PTN Private Tier North
 T  Tank
 U  Unknown location
 V  Veteran's area